Monday, April 27, 2020

Spanish Class 9th Grade Mrs Hacking

Paquete #5  Estudiantes I am going to add another video by Wednesday like this 

so please watch this video PBS - Latino Americans  Episode 1: Foreigners in Their Own Lands.  

Friday, April 17, 2020

All Ray's Math Work ( 6th-9th Grade) for Week of April 20 Posted on Google Classroom.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

7th Grade Spanish Class Optional April 21,20

Nombre _____________________________ Periodo ______________ Fecha _____________

Estudiantes is due on  April 21-2020 

1- Using the internet, research some aspects of Dominican music that interest you (e.g., merengue, Juan Luis Guerra, Wilfrido Vargas). Prepare a short report on your findings. 

2- Compare music in the Dominican Republic with the popular music you usually listen to in the United States.   What seems similar? What is the different? What do you like about both kinds of music? 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Mrs. Johnston's Classes

All work is posted through Google Classroom. Please contact Mrs. Johnston if you need assistance.

Monday, April 13, 2020

7th Grade Spanish Class. Mrs. Hacking Due April 16, 2020. (OPTIONAL)

Estudiantes this classwork is due on Thursday, April 16, 2020, 

Nombre __________________________ Periodo ____________ Fecha ________________

Traducir las palabras en Español - Translate in Spanish 

Use the youtube link to help you translate English into Spanish

Inglés                                                         Español 

The head 

The hair 

The front head

The ears 

The eyes 

The eyebrows 

The eyelashes 

The nose 

The mouth 

The teeth

The lips 

The tongue 

The cheeks 

The Beard 

The neck 

The shoulders

The chest

The back 

The arms 

The elbows 

The hands

The fingers

The stomach 

The waist

The butt

The legs 

The knees 

The ankles

The feet

The toes

Algebra 8th/9th D.Ray Week of April 13

Read pg. 430-432 to see examples. Watch the linked video Complete the linked worksheet at the bottom and check your work. Please send me a copy of the problems with  inequalities solved. be sure to show YOUR WORK. THIS WORK IS DUE TO ME BY 5:00PM ON TUESDAY(APRIL 14) IF I DO NOT GET BY THAT TIME YOU WILL GET A ZERO. I WILL NOT CALL OR TEXT YOU LIKE I DID LAST WEEK.

Complete pgs 433( #1-10)  pg435(#23-26)   pg. 446(#1-5 and 8-9)  PLEASE SEND A PICTURE OF YOUR WORK BY WEDNESDAY(APRIL 15 AT 5:00PM)

Watch the video at the bottom. One thing to remind you is that to make it easier to graph, if variable is not on left switch sides to get it there. IF YOU DO YOU MUST CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE INEQUALITY. THAE DUE DATE TO A COPY OF YOUR WORK(PROBLEMS MUST BE WORKED OUT) IS BY 5:00PM ON THURSDAY(APRIL 16)

7th Grade Math D.Ray Week of April 13

To review Special Right Triangles watch the 2 linked videos. They are very good. Then complete the 2  worksheet/puzzle linked at the bottom .They are answers to check by. Send me a picture of your completed pages with work by WEDNESDAY(APRIL 15  BY 5:00PM)  LAST WEEK I HAD TO CALL AND REMIND TO SEND WORK BUT I WILL NOT DO IT THIS WEEK. IF WORK IS NOT TO ME BY DUE DATE YOU WILL GET A 0. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE GETTING IT TO ME BY THAT DATE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. IF YOU NEED HELP YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL ME. We will plan a Zoom Session next Monday at 11:00.

On this lesson read the examples and how they use the box as we have done before to get the percent of change. I searched for videos to help and could not find any but this very much alike what we have done. Complete pg. 454 (a-h) SEND A PICTURE OF YOUR WORK BY THURSDAY(APRIL 16) AT 5:00 PM.

D. Ray 6th Grade Week of April 13

Read pages 437 and review in your interactive notebook on Order Of Operations. This lesson is alittle more to add to what you know.. Watch the video linked. Complete the worksheet and check your answers that are there. Just do not look at them and write an answer down. Your will need to send me a completed picture of your worksheet by TUESDAY, APRIL 14 BEFORE 5:00. IF YOU SEND IT LATER YOUR WILL GET A ZERO. I CALLED/TEXTED WITH REMINDERS BUT WILL NOT THIS WEEK. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE GETTING IT TO ME BY THAT TIME PLEASE LET ME KNOW. You can always call me for help.

Work pg 438-440 (a-f)  # 1-30  THIS IS DUE TO ME BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 AT 5:00

Watch linked videos and you should see good examples on how this works. You can always call me if you need help. Complete the linked worksheet and and you have answers to check by. Send a picture of the completed worksheet with you work on how you multiplied and divided.  THIS IS DUE BY THURSDAY(APRIL16) BEFORE 5:00PM

Mrs. Hacking Spanish Class 9th Grade Due on April 19th 11:59 PM

Third Packet For Spanish Class   9th - Grade 

1st day:  Page 93 “Cultura Viva”  Read and answer #6 ¿si o no?  #7 En el D.F

2nd day:  Read “Idioma Estructura” Making Introductions: te, le, les  Answer # 8 1 -7 (look at the modelo) 

3rd day: page 95 answer #9  #10 (look at the modelo)

4th day- Page Read page 108:  Lectura Cultural- Answer #35, #36 

5th day- Read page 110 “Vocabulario I -en el Centro answer #2